As the Internet has completely changed our world

13 the decisive moments in the history of the world wide web, which forever changed the lifestyle of billions of people.

They say that “television is a babysitter, and the Internet is a drunk librarian who won’t stop talking”. But how many knows this librarian! What opportunities it opens! How it changed our world!

The Internet or “world wide web”, or as someone aptly joked, “simultaneous hallucination of billions of people” seized power over humanity and forever changed the way we live, work and play.

It all started a quarter of a century ago, August 6, 1991. On this day, the worldwide Network became public. Digital Pandora’s box flew open. Since then, the Internet has become the subject of our thoughts and the source of joys.

We have compiled a list of the most important moments in the history of the development of the Internet and offer you to remember how it was.

1. 16 July 1994. Create Amazon

On 5 July 1994, Jeff Bezos opened the first online bookstore. He originally called it Cadabra, but when a lawyer mistakenly read the name as Cadaver, decided to stay on the version of Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN). Perhaps it was the right choice.

Officially e-store earned 11 days later. Then Bezos and his first staff was packing boxes of books and sent them from his garage in Bellevue, Washington. This event forever changed consumer habits and the adoption of the delivery system. Currently, the state of Bezos is estimated to 112,5 billion. Perseverance and ambitious goals are the way to success.

2. 18 January 1995. Start

Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO), like many other successful technical startups, appeared at Stanford University. Senior students Jerry Yang and David Filo created a searchable index of web pages. First they called him “the Guide of Jerry and David on the worldwide web”, but, fortunately, quickly thought better of it and renamed the search engine Yahoo! (which stood for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle, that is, “the New non-hierarchical directory”).

To Say Yahoo! much easier, although this word is not rooted in our daily life. The first search engine forever changed the approach to systematization of the vast amount of information in the global network. He was the progenitor of all the other search engines, including Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL).

3. April 21, 1995. begins to look for a pair

When an electronics engineer Gary it is located in Silicon valley bought the domain name for 2,5 thousand dollars, he thought only about love. In his first interview, he declared that “the will bring to the lives of people more love than Jesus Christ.”

It gave rise to a multibillion-dollar industry of online Dating and pointed the way for many imitators. Today claims that managed to organize more than a quarter of a billion acquaintances. Of course, with the advent of digital Cupid Dating and love were quite different.

In search of a rich sugar daddy

4. September 3, 1995. The emergence of eBay

Pierre Omidyar launched eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) alone from your living room in the Californian city of San Jose. Created an ambitious and self-taught designer, the website was originally called AuctionWeb and was designed to help people buy and sell goods over the Internet.

Today eBay is the largest auction site on the Internet. First, the site completely changed the technology of selling used goods, and later new. Now citizens of many countries no longer have to scour the newspaper ads. EBay made a kind of first swallow of the sharing economy, which allows you to use items more efficiently and to part with unnecessary things.

5. Autumn 1996. Three-dimensional clip Baby Cha-Cha struck us in the heart

Today a viral video is no surprise, but in 1996 it was something new.

The world’s first three-dimensional computer music video at the same time became one of the first viral videos. It was very strange: animated bald kid in diapers dancing the cha-cha-cha. This music is gradually becoming the band’s cover of Hooked on a Feeling performed by Swedish group Blue Swede.

Shortly after the publication of links to strange baby scattered all over the Internet; later, the video was used in the popular television series Ally McBeal. After that, all wanted to “make a virus” — people and companies.

6. 17 January 1998. The scandal surrounding President bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky begins with the website the Drudge Report

Bill Clinton, the American President has lied. He had a sexual relationship with “that woman, miss Lewinsky”. From Newsweek was this material, but the editors decided not to publish it, and start the sex scandal gave Matt Drage and his website The Drudge Report. Journalists around the world were speechless after learning about the intimate details of Clinton’s relationship with former White house Intern Monica Lewinsky.

It was a new era — we learned this shocking news not from traditional media and from the Internet. Thus was born the online news.

7. On 7 September 1998. Created by Google

Google has not always been the third most value brand in the world, and the verb “to Google” was not formed immediately. First it was “compliant digital Bloodhound.”

Over time, small Google, originated in 1995 as a project thesis at Stanford University and originally called BackRub, has grown into a huge Corporation worth 814 billion. Now it’s called the Alphabet, and she has a lot of fans and haters. Just look for links became no longer interesting, now that the technical giant’s purpose is more serious: the fastest Internet on the planet, the creation of an unmanned vehicle, and — why not — the victory over death.

As Google deprives you of freedom

The brainchild of Sergey Brin and Larry page became for investors a reason to invest in the Internet, despite the dotcom collapse. And now the company is interesting not only search, but also its employees, as well as innovations in various areas — and all this can be Google.

8. January 15, 2001. The first article in Wikipedia

Who needs dusty paper encyclopedias when we have Wikipedia? Free online directory, whose name comes from the Hawaiian word “fast” went from being an unknown upstart to the sixth visited website in the world — in just a few years. Anyone with Internet access can add and edit articles on any topic, and Wikipedia is both love and hate.

Financial expert Jimmy Wales, who founded Wikipedia together with philosopher Larry Sanger, can’t remember what the article was first. He remembers only as typed in the first word — Hello World — in freshly-baked system.

Today, the number of Wikipedia pages, it is difficult to imagine. Good or bad, but this is how most people learn something new. But it is important to take this information with a grain of salt — because of the fundamental unreliability contained in the reference information Larry Sanger left the project in 2002.

9. April 23, 2005. On YouTube uploaded the first video

Former employees of PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and jawed Karim came up with the idea of the world’s first website to publish custom videos during lunch in San Francisco. At least that is the official version. However, nobody can deny that the new platform immediately democratized video distribution. Just a year after Karim uploaded its first video, where he captures himself at the zoo, YouTube has become a worldwide sensation, giving the opportunity to become a star to anyone with a video camera in his hands.

Television also had to change, starting with a confrontation with a new rival, it eventually began to look for ways of cooperation with him. Today, YouTube more than a billion users, and every minute the site is loaded over 400 hours of video content.

10. August 23, 2005. The whole world saw the consequences of hurricane Katrina on the Internet

When deadly hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans, the electricity and all communications were unavailable. Then Michael Barnes and other local witnesses, using the diesel generators began to broadcast Internet pictures of the disaster, which lasted five days.

So bloggers made history — it was the first event of such scale in which participants tell themselves about what is happening across the WAN. Today the smartphone camera is for everyone, and live feeds from places of events are perceived as something taken for granted. Any event, birth and death — everything is available live. The company is Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has even developed a special system to the people facing the disaster area, terrorist attack or other event, could inform their loved ones that are alive and well.

11. 28 October 2003. The Emergence Of Facebook

Initially, mark Zuckerberg and his fellow students at Harvard have developed a system (then called Facemash) which allowed the students to evaluate the appearance of each other. But in the blink of an eye a new social network has become a worldwide phenomenon. Now we not only communicate with family and “friends” (many of which we haven’t even seen), but watch the video, read the news and find useful information.

The rise of Facebook 33 photos

Today it is the largest social network on the planet with 1.5 billion active users per day (average). And this number will only increase, because Zuckerberg has set a goal to collect all inhabitants of the planet. Yes, all, without exception.

12. 27 January 2006. Western Union sends last telegram

The Internet has moved past a lot of things, including a phone book and paper maps of the area — could not resist and Telegraph. With the development email and platforms for instant messaging, respectable company (NYSE: WU), founded in 1851 on the basis of the courier service Pony Express stopped delivering telegrams in the famous yellow envelopes — another evidence of the triumph of digital communication.

Another area of work of the company — money transfer — while continuing work. However, if you believe the predictions of bitcoin enthusiasts, they are also not long — of course, if the cryptocurrency will be widely distributed.

13. 12 November 2014. The Internet saw the ass of Kim Kardashian

Someone who likes Kim Kardashian, someone hates her, but she did state on social media. Her whole career and Nude photo shoot in Paper magazine, and a line of fashionable clothes, and popular application is based on the Internet popularity.

Many believe that she is a shining example of the fact that the rise to stardom does not need any special talents. 38-year-old star shows that with the help of the Internet almost anyone can become a star (and monetize his fame).

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