What is the fate of the 25 largest cryptocurrency ICO? What tokens come out?

We decided to explore what the ICO are the greatest on fees and what became of them at the moment.

The three leaders headed by EOS, Telegram Open Network and UNUS SED LEO by a wide margin from the rest. In addition, this is the only project that has collected more than a billion on ICO.

  • EOS — blockchain platform for decentralized applications and businesses. Team ICO conducted for 11 months, which has raised more than $4 billion. In the project invested a major venture capital funds and ordinary people. In June 2018, the project launched its own platform, and actively develop it. A year later, the technical Director of the project Daniel Larimer has announced that the EOS will create a social network that will be designed to increase the mass adaptation of the project to society.
  • Telegram Open Network (TON) is one of the most closed ICO projects in history, conducted 2 phase ICO, and each of them was able to collect $850 million. The minimum threshold for participation was $10 million. At the moment the project is under development and promises to create a new Internet with a variety of integrated services.
  • UNUS SED LEO — token exchange Bitfinex, built on the Ethereum platform, and is a utility token. ICO was held in early may and is already on pre-sale was purchased all offer. The exchange token is used actively and consistently ranked in the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

ТОП-25 криптовалютных ICO

The leaders in growth

The undisputed leader in higher fees relative to ICO was the TRON project. Collected in June 2017 $70 million in just 2 years the project has grown 17 times when measured relative to market capitalization. Moreover, in winter this figure reached 80 times, when Tron was the 6th place in the overall top cryptocurrencies.

  • TRON — another blockchain platform, a competitor to Ethereum. In June 2018 launched mainnet and only 6 months was able to achieve 2 million transactions per day, second only EOS. Tron is actively growing, so in January 2019, it was announced about purchase of one of the largest torrent-companies with the number of users exceeding 100 million people — BitTorrent.

On the 2nd and 3rd line growth located Tezos and Gatechain Token, an increase of 3.5 and 2 times, respectively.

  • Tezos is one of the most well-known projects conducted ICO. $232 million was collected in just 9 minutes, which is an absolute record at the moment. But then within the team conflict began, with the result that development has stopped. Only six months later all the problems were solved, and in August 2018 Tezos launched its own blockchain platform.
  • Gatechain Token token is relatively young, the ICO was conducted in the spring of 2019. This token is an exchange token on the marketplace Gate.io. At the moment is on 39 place in terms of capitalization among all cryptocurrencies.

The strongest fall

9 coins of 25 have a drop in the capitalization of currently more than 80%. These include:

  • Dragonchain (all drgn)
  • Bancor(BNT)
  • MobileGo(MGO)
  • Envion(EVN)
  • Polymath(POLY)
  • TenX(PAY)
  • Neurotoken(NTK)
  • DomRaider(DRT)

The total amount collected during the ICO of the above projects is $1,15 billion, and their total capitalization is currently only $ 90 million. The drop was phenomenal 92%!

Dead project

Cryptocurrency Dotcoin was the token exchange new Zealand stock exchange Cryptopia. But in the spring the founder of the exchange disappeared and took all the keys from cryptocurrency wallets. Cryptopia subsequently announced its liquidation, with the result that the token has disappeared Dotcoin.

Publication date 23.01.2020
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