Hydra is the largest area holds the Darknet ICO with the goal to raise $150 million

Regulators impose more restrictive measures in respect of the stock market, because the anonymity of digital coins allows their use for money laundering, terrorist financing and purchase of prohibited goods. The situation with the use of cryptocurrency in criminal activities reached its climax.

Hydra is the largest in Russia narkomashka darknet — has announced the ICO with the aim to raise $150 million and to enter the international market by promising investors a return on investment within six months and permanent share in the profits. With this platform intends to implement dreams Shirobokov — start in September 2020 private network AspaNET designed to replace the TOR and provide darknet unprecedented level of anonymity and convenience.

Hydra loud statement immediately attracted the attention of the West because of the kind in the history of the world was still never. That this is absurd, madness or revolution? And what’s likely to happen? To your attention — an analysis of ICO from Mining-Cryptocurrency.ru.

Disclaimer: this article is presented for informational purposes only and is not an advertisement or call to any action. The financing of criminal activities is a criminal offence.

Hydra: scope and objectives

Даркнет DarkNet

American and European intelligence agencies destroyed all the major Western exchanges, the trade hallucinogens. In addition to the known story of Ross Ulbricht and Silk Road, the efforts of the FBI and Europol have fallen AlphaBay, Hansa, Dream Market, Wall Street market, as well as hundreds of smaller sites in the TOR network.

On the Russian market, the situation unfolded differently: all the major sites were destroyed as well, but primarily the efforts of the authorities and themselves. In the fight with competitors for the “narcobrothel” courts spared no money and effort. The struggle for hegemony in the market has led to the fact that was ruthlessly destroyed R2D2, Amber Road, Malina, RAMP, RuSilk, BLACKMARKET and other members of the darknet. Some succumbed to massive DDoS attacks, the data of others were purposely “leaked” to the secret services.

In the end, the situation led to the fact that the individual monopoly created a platform Hydrа formed in 2015 as a result of the Alliance sites WayAway and Legal RC. Today, the giant market is not shy to openly brag about their achievements, high level of service and security, and promoting their ideas to the masses.

According to the site, Hydra actively buys massive advertising campaigns on YouTube and in the media, that is why in recent months its popularity has reached a new level. The site assures that the big material about the drug trade in the Internet, released Lenta.ru (one of the leading Russian Internet-editions), was also registered. Naturally, members of the media deny everything.

Anyway, the scale of operation Hydra figures look impressive. Naturally, because of the specificity of the site the exact statistics are unknown to anyone except the leadership, however, the publishing of “Project” in their joint study with the telegram channel DrugStat still revealed some information. Here are some of them:

  • On the pad was more than 2.5 million people, 393 000 of which at least once made purchases. The largest in the world international site Alpha Bay at the time of closure was only 400,000 registered users.
  • Over the last three years users have contributed to their balances in the Hydra a total of more than $1 billion For comparison, from 2011 through 2015 years through all narcology of the West combined have passed five times less — up to $200 million.
  • Every day (including right now) on the territory of Russia are “bookmarks” for millions of dollars. June 1, 2019 the total value of all current caches was $5.52 million, half of which ($2.37 million) was accounted for by Moscow. The total weight of all in circulation bookmarks — about 650 kg.
  • Five months later in 2019 manual Hydra earned on its activities about $22 million.

However, narkopolitika not going all his life to boast of his own successes in Russia. Realizing the superiority in the domestic market, she decided to attempt more is to enter the international market and make drugs darknet monopoly on the planet.

In Hydra understand that the government of the United States and Europe very quickly cope with any similar resources, so they are going to step onto the world stage with new solutions. Published Hydra “investment Memorandum” told about the existence of vulnerabilities in the TOR network, which was closed West of the site.

In this context the platform has decided to develop a completely new solution. On world markets the Hydra is planning to provide trading without the involvement of postal services (resorted to by all the Western counterparts), organizing sales using habitual users of CIS “bookmarks” — after payment, customers will receive the exact address and photo of places to get the drugs. Well, to solve problems with the organizers of the TOR develops its own anonymous network, which we describe later.

Features the ICO

Выбор ICO

International project Hydra will be called Eternos. For its implementation need a lot of money, which the platform intends to draw from its users by ICO.

The launch of Eternos scheduled for September 1, 2020. The primary offer of coins will take place from 16 to 20 December 2019.

The financial side ICO Hydra

  • The platform plans to share the profits from the activities of the international courts between themselves and the users. In the best for investors the outcome, only 51% of the profits will go to the team Hydra, the remaining 49% to investors in ICO.
  • Therefore, the company decided to sell 49% licenzirovanie “shares” Eternos. Just for sale 1 470 000 tokens.
  • The price of one token is fixed — $100. The value will not change until you run an international site and only then go to “free floating”.
  • Total within the framework of the ICO platform is trying to attract investments for the sum almost in $150 million.
  • For every 100 tokens holders relies 0.00333333% of the net profit Eternos and access to statistics. The payment promise in bitcoin. Thus, dividends in the form of a percentage of profits will be granted only to those who will invest a minimum of $10,000, and those who buy less than 100 token stake in the project are not supposed to.
  • Tokens can be sold on the domestic market after the launch of Eternos. Team Hydra suggests that for the first six months of operation their cost will rise by 700%.
  • Management expects resounding success in the international market, predicting that only by shares in the project the payback period of the investment from the major players will be only 6 months. Let’s do the math. For a contribution of $10,000 relies 0.00333333% of the profits. So to recoup the investment in 6 months, the site must obtain during this period, about $30 million net income. Quite a bold prediction. Moreover, the management expects that in one year of operation, every 100 tokens will generate $50,000 per month.

Now let’s look at the innovations promised by Hydra.

The technical side ICO Hydra

  • To provide an anonymous work Eternos, drug dealers create an “anonymous invulnerable new generation network” AspaNET designed specifically for the site. Supposedly this is the ideal replacement for TOR that solves the latter problem, which had collapsed the activities of Western narkomatov. According to the developers, the network was successfully tested in China and Turkey, she easily bypasses The Golden Shield Project locks DPI, while maintaining complete anonymity. Team Hydra assures that stop AspaNET possible, but only by stopping the entire Internet.
  • Apparently AspaNET will very much resemble a decentralized network of cryptocurrency and maybe it runs on the blockchain technology. The fact that you can run a HatchService to open one or multiple private gateways to support the work of the network. For a kind of “mining” a reward.
  • Through integrating Artificial Intelligence IronRat to quickly resolve disputed issues and to provide the highest possible speed. On the basis of “Memorandum” of the platform, the AI has been trained for two years, taking part in the decision of more than 360 000 disputes at the Hydra. Expected to launch Eternos he would be able to handle 9 out of 10 tickets without human intervention.
  • For correspondence within the site and outside it is developed multifunctional cryptomancer Whisper on the basis of the controversial PGP encryption.
  • Will be running internal exchange cryptocurrency.
  • For I/o/exchange of digital and Fiat currency will launch service ChangePoint, operating on the basis of multimixer. It allows you to operate digital and Fiat currency is completely anonymous with no KYC and other procedures for verification.
  • Eternos must support the possibility of smart advertising, and not less smart logistics tools, allowing to calculate safe routes, and to predict legal risks.

Hydra reports that because of the kind of activities they are unable to uncover documentation of all technical solutions, but promise to share more information simultaneously with the launch of Eternos.

Risks exit Scam

Экзит-скам (exit scam)

Given the activities of the courts and the ICO format, all users, who want to invest their cash contribution to Eternos automatically fall under the risks. One of them is the potential of an exit Scam. What is stopping Hydra just go and collect $150 million, and then to stop the drug trade and disappear forever, simultaneously ceasing their criminal activities?

This happened with many “legal” ICO, and in the case of narkopolitika no investor did not even write a statement to the police, because in this case he admits to financing a criminal gang, and immediately will go to jail under the relevant article of the criminal code.

Hydra in this case he will lose his reputation and will make enemies of the bandits. But this argument is rarely one stops. Remember that at one time BTC-e was entrusted with hundreds of thousands of traders, but that did not stop exchange to take the exit Scam twice. If team Hydra managed for several years to stay anonymous in the Internet, that is a considerable chance that the thugs will never find.

Risks of arrests

Биткоин в Даркнете

But even if the intentions of the platform honest (if you can call it that) — risks do not become less, but rather increase. As soon as Hydra, will launch its activities outside Russia, she immediately attracts the special attention of the power structures of the West. And foreign law enforcement authorities, unlike Russian, have an established experience with fighting kiberprestupniki darknet. One has only to recall the story of Ivan Molina, who was laundering money for a drug cartel using Bitfinex and, despite all the tricks, it still was arrested by the intelligence services.

Given the political implications (not to forget that Hydra — Russian platform), there is no doubt that in the event of conquest of the market of the USA local security forces will spare neither time nor money to fight against the “bad Russians”. According to data of the European monitoring centre for drugs and drug addiction (EMCDDA), all Western narcoplepsy live an average of only 8 months, after which they are shut down and the owners sent to prison, usually for life.

Manual Hydra assured that fault to all — the vulnerability of TOR. However, TOR creates the smartest programmers for 17 years and is still imperfect. Why all of a sudden a fresh solution from the unknown programmers of narcology will be safer? Why there is confidence that the authorities will not find the approach to AspaNET, which even no documentation and access safety analysis code? One bug can put an end to everything. One vulnerability can become a perfect target for a fatal blow.

Not to mention the fact that the issue could be resolved in another way. The drug cartels work for the trust, for example, to provide the input/output means, it is necessary to conclude an Alliance with partners. The human factor here can play a crucial role — one caught an employee, partner or even investor in ICO can “merge” the important information needed to continue the chain of investigation. Practice shows that sooner or later the war on drug cartels still win power, the pressure of which failed even the legendary Pablo Escobar.

The arrest and closure of narcoplepsy not only deprive investors of money invested and profit share. Investment in the development of illegal structures and profit the turnover of the drug is considered a crime in any law. So if law enforcement could capture the leadership of Hydra, they soon take and for investors as such an outcome is much more serious than the loss of the money invested.


Feeling an absolute advantage in the domestic market, narkomashka decided to encroach on the “Holy Grail” for cartels — markets in the US and Europe. However, when entering a new level increase the risks, and not the fact that these measures will help to avoid them.

Before the advent of the Hydra was a lot of other specialized platforms, which at the time positioned themselves as “innovative” and had every right to be. Take the Silk Road. The brainchild of Ross Ulbricht became the first service, opened the drug trade in bitcoins. The site seemed invincible and unsinkable, but the two life sentences which is serving the owner says otherwise.

The technical side ICO would have looked like a new round of development in the area of privacy, if not for the activities of Hydra, contrary to the laws and moral principles. Such an initiative, rather, threatens the entire crypto industry.

Even without going Hydra at the international level in 2019 darknet users spent on the purchase of prohibited goods about $1 billion in bitcoins. For the authorities this is a problem that they cannot solve. ICO and such, like the Hydra, only add fuel to the fire, forcing the governments of various countries to strengthen the restrictive measures that might someday lead to a complete ban ICO (as in China) or even criminal liability for the use of digital assets.

Disclaimer: this article is presented for informational purposes only and is not an advertisement or call to any action. The financing of criminal activities is a criminal offence.

Publication date 20.12.2019
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