Ulyanovsk company mines at the expense of customers

A resident of Ulyanovsk claims that his ISP uses its equipment for mining cryptocurrency. We are talking about the provider “Ultramarine”.

The citizen explains that he has booked the services of the company, as there was no other alternatives. He had all the necessary connections for full operation of the Internet. After that, the antivirus is “cursed” to a certain threat that the user did not pay attention. Over time, such warnings have appeared on other devices. Before the arrival of specialists such problems were not observed.

“I don’t even have time to go to any website, so the virus could not get through the Internet. After several times finally the screen lock virus programs on my computer, I immediately got into anti-virus report”

It later turned out that the normal working of the PC prevents virus-miner, who used all the power of computers.

The user immediately contacted technical support, but he even refused to talk about it. After the settings from the ISP, the problem was solved. A resident has achieved the termination of the contract, after which he returned all the money.

To the police the victim did not apply, therefore there is a possibility that other customers “Ultramarine” do not know that their equipment is used for personal purposes of the company.

Author: Vitalik


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