That will change the start trading bitcoin futures on Bakkt? Expert opinions

23 Sep cryptocurrency platform Bakkt will start trading futures on bitcoin. At the moment users can already
to make funds on Deposit. In anticipation of the event CryptoFound decided to ask the experts how start trading on the Bakkt can change the market.

According to the lawyer of Prefinals Arthur Ibragimov, start Bakkt will affect the market digital assets.

“Running does ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) – one of the largest financial institutions. Including ICE belongs, for example, the new York stock exchange. And Bakkt will become a major player in the market”, – said the expert.

Arthur Ibragimov believes that the emergence of such a major player in the market should cause the rate of BTC will rise.

“The fact that ICE plans to launch its cryptopleura appeared almost a year ago. If we look at the rate of BTC for this period, we see that he grew up with 6500-7000 USD for 1 BTC from September 2018 to about $ 10,000 for 1 BTC now.

The launch of projects such as Bakkt or Fidelity Digital Asset, the interest in BTC and other cryptocurrencies on the part of large institutional investors will stimulate the growth rate of the BTC. Explosive growth, which was in 2017, expect not worth it. Gradual but steady growth of the BTC we are likely to see”, – says Artur Ibragimov.


Director of development Petr Koziakov, in turn, said that the traders for a long period of time waiting for the opportunity to work with futures contracts on the bitcoin on stock exchange of new York.

“That’s why it is unknown whether his appearance on the rate of BTC, or Bakkt are incorporated in the current price. One thing is certain – major investors will be easier to go to the market, increase the trading volume of bitcoin, and thus the cryptocurrency market will become bigger, more stable, they will become harder to manipulate,” – said the expert.

While Petr Koziakov believes that the behavior of investors with respect to the Bakkt can be unpredictable.

“Suddenly “whales” will be short, because Bakkt offers an excellent tool for short trades. Then the price of BTC may fall”, – concluded the expert.

Author: Vitalik

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