Futures platform Binance “hacked”

Gain access to the futures platform Binance users found the anomalous behavior of the exchange rate of bitcoin on the site. According to reports, in a short period of time the price of the asset dropped to $300. In this regard, the network appeared the information about the hacking of the site. On the background of what happened, CEO Binance Chanpen Zhao was forced to clarify the situation.

According to the specialist, the exchange rate of bitcoin is nothing more than an attempt to crack the futures platform by one market participant. His name the head of the Binance is not called. Chanpen Zhao said that this attempt of breaking the security system has already become the second person for whose account supposedly familiar to him. Commentators on the network have assumed that we are talking about the founder of the platform FTX.

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It is reported that the users of the platform have not suffered because of organized dump. This feature Chanpen Zhao explained using the index system of price controls on the platform. The specialist noted that against the background of the incident, the organizer of the dump lost a significant portion of their funds.

Later in the microblog chapters Binance there was a message in which he suggests that the conflict was over. According to Canina Zhao, he contacted the alleged attacker and found that the incident was the result of an incorrect install the latest settings. Network users drew attention to the fact that the charges to ascertain the circumstances from the CEO of the exchange was ill-advised.

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Recall, 23 September, will be launched cryptopleura Bakkt providing users with the tools to work with bitcoin futures.

Author: Vitalik

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