CEO Binance found a way to pay off discrediting the honor of the exchange of rumors

CEO of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges Binance Chanpen Zhao invested in a Chinese news platform Mars Finance, sanctifying events in kriptonyte. The investment amount was not disclosed. It is known that the market valuation of Mars Finance exceeds $200 million.

Binance was not the only investor. The funding round also participated by other companies, including Ceyuan Ventures and FINTECH-startup Matrixport. It is noteworthy that during the early stages of collecting investment in Mars Finance invested competitors Binance – cryptocurrency exchanges OKCoin and Huobi.

The investment in the platform was the first episode of investment in the Chinese market for Binance, since entering the Chinese authorities ban on ICO and crypto-Fiat trading. Their decision to support Mars Finance Chanpen Zhao explained by the desire to combat the FUD.

“Let’s focus on creating news and reducing the share of FUD in the market. Invest in kriptonyte” – so Binance CEO, described his decision to invest in the platform.

Commentators on the network said that not all that Chanpen Zhao believes the FUD is so. In particular, members drew attention to the recent attempt Binance CEO to write off theft by hackers KYC-data platform users on FUD.

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As a result of the investment of the head of the stock exchange in Mars Finance was seen as an attempt to pay off in the future from discrediting the honor Binance news. We will remind, yesterday the head of platform, told
about the “hacking” of its platform for trading bitcoin futures.

Author: Vitalik

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