Binance offered the brokers a percentage of their income

Representatives of the popular exchange Binance, presented the affiliate program for the brokers. Under the initiative, participants will be invited to work with the tools of the site. As a reward, the brokers will earn a percentage of commissions Binance. Information about this appeared in the microblog of the company.

In total, the project will be able to participate 100 brokers. While Binance imposed certain eligibility criteria for those wishing to become part of the project. So, in addition to having the right technical tools, brokers have to meet certain requirements:

  • the company must have equipment and tools to service a minimum of 20 thousand customers;

  • the monthly trading volume shall not be less than 1000 BTC;

  • broker must have 3 000 BNB on account of Binance (amount will be blocked for the period of work);

  • the organization must be active in their own accounting system data.

In the case of non-compliance to any standards, the broker can be suspended from the program.

Binance, in turn, promises the following conditions:

  • the level of income below 60% of the commissions platform;

  • access to the instruments of the exchange;

  • the availability of additional financial rewards for the best participants;

  • invitation to the conference upon completion of the project.

The presence of a large number of projects, the launch of which was implemented by the company, became a reason for jokes in cryptosuite. So, a number of users noted that they had already lost count, how many initiatives have been implemented Binance lately. In particular, the company recently offered
their clients off-exchange transactions with Fiat.

Author: Vitalik

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