Bakkt introduced a higher tariff for speculators

On the website of the operator of the new York stock exchange Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), representing cryptopleura Bakkt, appeared information about the tariffs of the site. Work with deposits starting from $3900.

The level of $3900 was identified as a stage, allowing to arrange hedging for users intending to run bitcoin-futures. Speculators, the purpose of which is earnings on the difference in prices, will be forced to make more funds available – $4290.

The Director of the research Department of the company TradeBlock John Todaro believes that the selected threshold reflects the amount of funds that will require users to open positions on the platform. The specialist also drew attention to the fact that speculators are deservedly transferred to another tariff.

“The Commission on urgent exchange trade (CFTC) and other regulatory agencies insist on the use of means of protection from speculation in relation to markets in which users can work with futures. Excessive speculative activity may cause increased volatility and, as a consequence, anomalous jumps of the course,” explained his point of view specialist.

We also learned that users will be obliged to contribute additional reserves. The latter are a necessity, thanks to which will be met from the consequences of volatility. The minimum threshold in the direction of $400, maximum $1000.

Recall that the start of trading on Bakkt scheduled for September 23. Recently, representatives of the platform confirmed
readiness to open. Find out what will change the start of trading on Bakkt of our material.

Author: Vitalik

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