The agreement on the use of cookies

Website (hereinafter — the Site) does not automatically collect any information, except for the information contained in cookies.

Cookies are small files containing letters and numbers that are stored by the browser on the hard disk of your computer or mobile device. Our site collects data and stores it on your computer’s hard drive in the form of cookies. Cookies can be seen as the “memory” of the site, allowing it to recognize the user when he returns to the site, and respond accordingly.

The entity placing cookies on the equipment of the Website User and accessing them is the operator of the Website .

Cookies are used to:

settings of the content of web pages of the Site in accordance with The user’s preferences, as well as to optimize the websites and, in particular, these files allow to recognize the device Of the user of the Service and, accordingly, to view the Internet page designed for his individual needs;
create statistics that helps you understand how Users use the website, allowing you to improve the structure and content;
maintenance of the Site user session (after logging in), so that Users do not have to re-enter the username and password on each page;
The Service uses two main types of cookies: “temporary” (session cookies) and “persistent” (persistent cookies). Temporary cookies are files that are stored on the User’s device before leaving the Site or disabling the software (web browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the User’s device for the time specified in the cookie settings or until they are deleted by the User.

Our website uses the following types of Cookies:

strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are necessary to enable You to use our website;
analytical/performance cookies. These cookies allow us to obtain information about the use of the site by visitors and count the number of visitors. This helps us to improve our website, for example by making it easier to find information;
functional cookies. They are used to recognize the user when he returns to our website. This allows us to personalize content, greet you by name, and remember your preferences (such as your choice of language and region). However, the data collected by these cookies does not allow you to track users ‘ movements to other sites;
target cookies. These cookies record information about your visit to our website, the pages you have visited and the links you have used. We use these data in order to represent on our web site with information tailored to Your interests. We may also share this information with third parties (such as advertisers).
Our website uses the Google Analytics platform, which uses all the types of cookies listed above.

The cookies we collect do not contain personally identifiable information.

In most cases, the web browsing software (web browser) allows cookies to be stored on the User’s device by default. Users of the Site may change their cookie settings at any time. These settings can be changed in the settings of the web browser, for example, you can block the automatic processing of cookies and inform The user of The site about their publication. Detailed information about the possibility and methods of transferring cookies is available in the settings of the software (web browser).

Cookies stored on the site User’s equipment can be used by advertisers and partners of the Site.

More information about cookies is available in the help section of the browser menu.

You can block cookies by selecting the appropriate browser settings to prevent all or some cookies from being stored. However, if you disable all cookies in your browser settings (including mandatory cookies), our website or some parts of it may not be available.

With the exception of mandatory cookies, cookies are stored for up to 2 years.