Joe Kernen, anchor of CNBC explained why he hates Libra and loves bitcoin

“Bitcoin Joe”, the popular television host Joe Kernen of CNBC, became a favorite cryptocurrency Twitter after he accepted bitcoin. During a recent episode of the transmission of Squawk Box, he again spoke about Libra from Facebook, calling many of the causes of enmity towards the future stablein:

Kernen does not like Libra because it is centralized and owned by Facebook, which is involved in numerous scandals with the user data.

“Mark Zuckerberg is going to steal all your personal data and to know all about your Bank account.”

This is not the first case when Kernen carries Libra to the nines. Previously, he also said that in the future seblaine from Facebook makes no sense. According to him, should not draw Facebook and Libra “broad brush”.

“Bitcoin can’t be hacked. You will have to hack every computer that mines bitcoins. Technology LN allows you to send bitcoins anywhere in the world in seconds with zero Commission. This can’t even compete Libra”.

It is noteworthy that Joe Kernen changed his attitude to bitcoin after it’s recent price rally, although previously he compared bitcoin with the “Tulip mania”.

Author: Vitalik

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