Crypto news: Prison terms for selling drugs for Bitcoin

In the UK, three traffickers were convicted and given real prison sentences for drug trafficking for bitcoins. The criminals were selling drugs through the darknet, by sending goods to many regions of the country.

Тюремные сроки за продажу наркотиков за БиткоинFlickr Photos

Information confirmed by official BBC report. According to the document Robert Price, Toby woods and Colin McCabe have sold drugs for bitcoins worth over £ 1 million. Information about the drug Project4 and his schemes came to the police from the FBI, and officers quickly found the perpetrators.

McCabe, who was recognized as the head of the gang, was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment. Pryce was given 9 years and 9 months, and the third drug dealer woods just 14 months. Investigators have proved the guilt of the traders by providing all the necessary evidence: packing material, telephone numbers with many addresses and many more. Also in the house price had found a kilogram of Cannabis resin and 580 g of ecstasy.

Francis Sheridan, the judge hearing the case, said that the syndicate Project4 carefully organized all the schemes and used a secure payment method for products in bitcoin. If not for a tip from the FBI, the criminal activity would long remain in the shadows.

The report States that the protagonist of the group is Colin maccabe. He was responsible for coordinating the procurement and sale of narcotic substances, and to encrypt the used a and network darknet. This allowed us to preserve anonymity.

We will remind that in July it was discovered and convicted drug dealer who used the online platform Silk Road. He was accused of laundering millions of dollars by using bitcoin online. In April also had a similar case where three drug dealers working through the darknet, was accused of money laundering through Bitcoin.

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Author: Vitalik


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