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The trend of adoption of cryptocurrencies

Тренд принятия криптовалютThe Marshall Islands decided to issue its own cryptocurrency SOV.

  • It is planned to use the initial proposal.
  • The citizens of the state will use the coins for all needs — from shopping to paying taxes.
  • However, the anonymity of the owners of SOV is not threatened.
  • Anyone who would use a cryptocurrency that is required to have the ID of the approved sample from the Bank.

    About plans to enter the state of cryptocurrency in recent months, talked of many countries — Russia, China, Rwanda. Venezuela has long produced such a coin under the oil warranty.

    Not far behind jurisdictions and the largest exchange-traded structure.

    CME Group, one of the groups of the Chicago Mercantile exchange, is preparing the launch of derivatives on Bitcoin. These will be the options that like futures will be calculated in Fiat currencies.

    According to representatives of the exchange, the company was experiencing significant demand for the option trading with BTC, which, along with already working with 2017 on the CME futures represent tools of risk hedging in the underlying.

    In addition to States and financial platforms to increase opportunities through cryptocurrency wish and the owners of network sales.

    Burger King now accepts Bitcoin in Germany, where there are about 600 branded outlets. You can make money on the Burger King website and mobile app.

    01.10.19 with PwC, specializing in consulting services will also begin to accept payment in BTC. Now on the website of the company published the announcement that the decision was made because of the growing demand for service, and in addition, owners of PricewaterhouseCoopers are fans of blockchain technology and believe in massive adoption of cryptocurrency — with time.

    Under the pay with Bitcoin developed special audit app — Halo.

    Unfortunately our log Mining-Bitcoin, not all are supporters of high technology. In the African country of Burundi, the government decided to ban the sale of any digital assets, and declared them illegal money.

    The rationale for such a hard step to the following:

    Cryptocurrencies are not regulated and are not produced nor the Central Bank nor the government. Therefore, do not have the status of legal tender in Burundi.

    According to Bloomberg, officials likewise responded to the claims of some citizens who lost on trading cryptocurrencies money and complained to the courts, hoping to obtain compensation for the damages.

    The followers of crypto-currencies, the Burundian government promised to impose severe punishment. How exactly will monitor the involvement of people to cryptooperation, not reported.

    And would you like to pay with Bitcoin for any purchase in the Internet?

    Тренд принятия криптовалют

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