The stock market crushed down

Крипторынок давят внизPredictions of last days for the stock market are not encouraging.

Experts have calculated the probability of Bitcoin to reach this year the level of 20 thousand to 7%.

It’s low odds and to inspire the bulls are unlikely to be able to.

  • The main altcoins are also in the red zone.
  • Appeared mood on the turn of investor sentiment.
  • Analysts predict the market downturn.
  • State structures actively pour water against the cryptocurrency. Blockchain was to blame for the fact that some users employ the technology to pay for illegal schemes. The latest claims relate to transfers for contract killings from domestic violence.

    Transactions concluded through the Darknet. Recently an attempt was made nurse companies Des Plaines Tina Jones who decided to pay for the murder of his wife by her former lover the sum of 10 thousand dollars.

    The woman was detained because she appealed not to the killer, but a fake person from CBS Chicago, the organization that conducted the investigation of the illegal services to the Darknet. The transaction for the service will be part of evidence in court against Tina.

    In this case, there were reports of stories like this — in 2017 the Italian was trying to pay for bitcoins the murder of a former lover, appreciating the service of 4 thousand dollars. And last month, unlucky, in love, paid 6 thousand dollars in Bitcoins for the murder of the partner of his ex-girlfriend, for which he went to prison.

    Company Chainanalysis chosen specialization to explore the criminal world of cryptocurrencies, has released a report according to which only in 2019 trafficking and illegal financing transactions will be approximately 1 billion USD. It’s drug money, mercenaries, illegal companies.

    The information is designed to draw the attention of regulators to the risks of the use amount of cryptocoins.

    It is obvious that declaring virtual currency threat, the media use so-called substitution of the base, described by the science of logic.

    Because bad things make people illogical blockchain and kryptonite to give bad qualities. Cryptocurrency — only mechanisms that can be used for evil and for good.

    Our log Mining-Bitcoin is confident that an impartial reader will remember how many crimes were happening thousands of years for the payment of Fiat money. However, you can not look back on history. Modern reputable companies according to Bloomberg is washed about 2 trillion dollars a year. Among stained:

    • Commerzbank
    • JP Morgan Chase
    • HSBC and 1MDB
    • Deutsche Bank
    • Standard Chartered
    • Danske Bank
    • City Group, ING

    And this is not a complete list. Therefore, the media should not represent cryptocurrency as an inferior alternative for payment plans criminal because of alleged, possible, do not leave traces.

    And you do not see the dissemination of information against the stock market with the aim to lower the rate?

    Крипторынок давят вниз

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    Author: Vitalik

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