The profitability of mining litecoin fell to a record low

Miners leaving EN masse, the network of litecoin due to the fall in profitability mining crypto-currencies. Coin continues to lose ground, December 5 it is trading at $44. The market capitalization of litecoin dropped to $2,84 billion

A crushing blow to the attractiveness of mining LTC caused the so-called August halving. Recall, the reward for mining a block was halved from 25 to 12.5 LTC.

The profitability of mining in the use of equipment Innosilicon has fallen from $2,65 to $1.68 with the cost of electricity. Such data leads the service F2Pool. Moreover, the equipment for the production of coins is worth $3,000, experts say with reference to the price list of the manufacturer.

If the miners are using less powerful devices Antminer 3, the day profitability is only 6-7 cents, the data show ROI calculator production F2pool.

In the end, from the network of litecoin off a team of miners that led to the fall of Hasrat more than 70% since July of this year. At the beginning of December, Hasrat LTC fell to their lowest level in the last year (149,6 to teraherz per second (TH/s).

It is possible that the drop in the volume of computing power used for mining of litecoin, is also the result of off Chinese miners, where ended the rainy season, during which the electricity is cheaper.

Analysts agree that the situation of litecoin can be improved only in case if the value of the coins will start to grow. If this does not happen in the short term, Hasrat network LTC will decline further.

Author: Vitalik

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