NYT: Telegram will distribute the first batch of tokens Gram for two months

Telegram will distribute the first batch of tokens Gram within two months, reports The New York Times, citing investors blockchain project Telegram Open Network (TON).

According to sources who received notification from Telegram, the first tokens credited to their account until October 31. Otherwise, the company will have to return the money to investors.

Investors also stated that the digital wallet to store tokens Gram will be available to 200-300 million users of the messenger Telegram. It is assumed that Gram can be used for conducting money transfers and payment of goods and services in the application.

According to the publication, October 31, 2019 specified in the Telegram documents as the deadline for launching the network, so the company is trying to do everything possible to comply with the stated deadlines. While analyst David Gerard says:

“I can’t imagine what miracle Telegram might have something to coordinate with the regulators until the end of October”.

Sources The New York Times wished to remain anonymous because of the confidentiality agreement. Telegram did not comment on their statements.

Earlier neoscopelidae cryptocurrency wallet Button Wallet added in test mode support Telegram Open Network. Users who activate the app, receive a free Gram test of 6.6 tokens. According to CEO Alex Safonov Wallet Button, this will allow users to get hands-on experience with cryptocurrencies without the traditional risks.

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