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Metro, what you didn’t see it

10 photos that show the quiet beauty of a totally empty station.

16 years Nick Frank worked as an art Director in advertising. Only at the end of 2013 he decided to change career. He is now a professional photographer and specializiruetsya on shooting architecture and landscapes.

The experience of the franc in graphic design and his love of symmetry has resulted in a project with a long lifetime — a study and documentation of the great railway stations of Europe. A native of Munich, Franck started with his hometown.

Your love for the subway, he formulates a simple phrase: it “connects us all”. As Frank said in an interview with Business Insider, “whoever you were — rich or poor, student or businessman — we all use these trains to get to work or to our families and friends”.

Here are examples of fascinating works of franc.

Station Canary Wharf in London, England

The ideal time for photography, according to the franc — about 5:30 Sunday morning, before people flooded the station.

Station Messe Nord / ICC, Berlin, Germany

Метро, каким вы его не видели

If you clear the station is empty, it puts the emphasis on architecture. Frank said, “People will distract the viewer from the main element of the image. [I try] to bring your photos to the very essence to what I want to show, become visible”.

Station T-Central in Stockholm, Sweden

Метро, каким вы его не видели

He chooses locations, mainly through online research.

Station Südtiroler Platz-Hauptbahnhof in Vienna, Austria

Метро, каким вы его не видели

The ultimate goal of the Frank that all his work was coherent and consistent. Make one lovely photo is great, but it also focuses on how each image will play in the series and the topic in General.

Station Westfriedhof in Munich, Germany

Метро, каким вы его не видели

Frank is not always immediately understands exactly what he needs, but is usually how to develop the project. Sometimes he tries out five different points for shooting before he gets the idea.

Station solo-Centrum in Stockholm, Sweden

Метро, каким вы его не видели

This period of trial and error is vital to the work of Frank. He believes that the need to have an open mind and the ability to adapt, not too tied to its original design. Frank says: “Sometimes you get something completely opposite of what you planned to do — and yet you like it, sometimes even more.”

Waterloo station in London, England

Метро, каким вы его не видели

According to Frank, this project is still in development. “I have a lot of other projects on which I work — commercial and no. When I have some free time and extra money, I head out to take pictures of the metro station in the city.”

Station Georg-Brauchle-Ring in Munich, Germany

Метро, каким вы его не видели

Frank admits that his series is not completely unique. He says: “I’m not the only one who takes the metro station. My approach just a little different.” While his vision was successful, and he believes that this is a project for life.

Station Marienplatz in Munich, Germany

Метро, каким вы его не видели

Next stop, Frank — Copenhagen, but he already has his eye on places such as Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.

Station Hasenbergl underground station in Munich, Germany

Метро, каким вы его не видели

The role of a freelance photographer is well-suited to the Frank. He says: “I feel in an advantageous position: he can create their projects and work they love.”

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