Manipulation or coincidence?

Google’s search engine over the past ten days have recorded a sharp rise in enquiries related to Bitcoin. Expert opinions were divided.

Манипуляция или совпадение?

  • Some believe that interest was associated with hurricane Dorian.
  • Others believe that search activity is the result of the above is aimed at manipulating prices.
  • The difference is huge:

    • August 29 was only 2% search BTC, when compared with the interest in Bitcoin in historical perspective;
    • 3 days later the figure rose to 100 from 100%;
    • then corrected and is now about 75%.

    Who is behind the activity of the request is unknown. But given that the last time any major news about Bitcoin was not unlikely that the surge of words BTC is natural.

    The situation has touched a Google search in all countries, it can be assumed — used VPN, virtual private network, generating queries in order to provoke a bullish trend.

    Glenn Goodman, a trader of crypto, I agree with the version of manipulation:

    Someone is trying to destabilize the trade.

    In addition, there was controversy, according to which BTC is an acronym used by the Bahamas telecommunications company. Firm located where hurricane Dorian sowing panic and chaos. However, this theory is not flawless, because of all the countries in the most curious to request BTC to be Slovenia, geographically located far from the Bahamas, and Romania.

    As a result, our log Mining-Bitcoin, and analysts came to the conclusion that if the event was an attempt to maintain the exchange rate of Bitcoin, it has not had significant market impact.

    Cryptocurrency have really grown a few days, and on low volumes. As recently as tonight quotes BTC getting to close to around 10.9 thousand USD, collapsed from 15 minutes up to 10,225. As a result, after spurt down, prices rebounded and will probably find the balance is already below 10.5 thousand USD where the market will prepare for the next step.

    What do you think about active search of information about Bitcoin?

    Манипуляция или совпадение?

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    Author: Vitalik

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