Litecoin gained 10% and broke the mark of $50

In the first half of last year, the litecoin (LTC) has steadily gained in value before the so-called August alvingham (reducing rewards for miners).

Aldon reached a peak in June, when it was increased to $138. The market capitalization of LTC in the middle of summer was just over $8,656 billion But the second half of the year was for the coin failed.

Litecoin has updated low in mid-December at $37. Many traders get rid of their stocks in LTC, believing that altain to the beginning of 2020 will fall to $30 or even below.

The ascent coins began in the first days of January. Litecoin has increased in price with bitcoin, the latter very close to $8500, but couldn’t get that high. LTC took advantage of the arrival of investors in cryptosphere and raised just over the past day by more than 10%, breaking the psychological mark of $50.

Sunday, January 12, the average rate of litecoin was $50 and 86, the market capitalization of crypto-currencies now exceeds $3,246 billion increase in the value coins led to the fact that the LTC network started to connect the miners who had abandoned the production Aldona.

In December, analyst MIA, it stressed that Hasrat licona fell by 70%, hitting a new yearly low.

In early January, the network started to recover, evidenced by the data service BitinfoCharts. If in December, Hasrat was less than 130 teraherz per second (TH/s), in 9 January this indicator has increased to 166 TH/s.

Author: Vitalik

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