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Everything you wanted to know about financial bots

Tell how the rapidly growing market of bots is and what it can offer today.

More than 4 billion people sitting in the Internet use at least one messenger. The leaders in this market Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram.

The number of services based on artificial intelligence is growing every day. They need a channel to communicate with real people, and chat-bots is one of the suitable options.

Laws botheconomic

Services related to sending messages, have existed on the Internet since time immemorial, but the birth of “botheconomic” can be counted from June 2015: then Telegram (today he has more than 200 million users) has launched a boat-based platform and shop bots. Now it has thousands of bots — some broadcast news, other find links to football games or porn.

How virtual reality will change the porn industry

In this field have created dozens of startups. Some of them provide tools, for example, Chatfuel website to help you create bots for Telegram.

Others offer specialized services: Digit allows you to work with a Bank account, Pana is an online travel Agency that accepts text requests and turning them into orders, and MeeKan designed to create meetings in the Slack.

Economy bots also need the industry leaders Facebook and Microsoft and really want to play this role — most smartphones running iOS and Android, and the market of bots is like a “tie” territory.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the bots will be as successful as the app. For developers, the benefits can also have disadvantages: if the bots are easier to design, so the competition is higher. And consumers can get overwhelmed with abundance of services and ways of interaction.

As in the case of applications that bots have found their niche, you will need many experiments and much depends on the owners of the platforms.

Financial bots

In the Telegram there are a lot of bots, created to facilitate the user conducting business, including investment and also help with financial planning. They can be divided into several major groups.

Bots for financial management

These programs are designed for business or personal use, the ability to assess the financial situation of the user to manage his daily expenses, to show the individual cost structure and monitor the debts and credits.

For example, ExpenseBot helps to control costs and get an idea about the current state of finances with an intuitive interface.

Money Pie helps to monitor loans and debts, including the money that you need.

Bots to work with investments and the stock market

There are bots and for investment, and finding the right indexes. For example, the bot Unicorn Bay provides information about stocks, bonds, and stock funds, letting go of securities on the stock exchanges of different countries and giving investment advice.

If you are interested in Forex trading, you have bot, Forex Brokers Reviews — it will show news and recommendations associated with currency trading to compare brokers and choose the right, and also keeps track of promotions and special offers.

A Forex Calendar to remind you of important economic events.

Bots, a financial content

And the world’s media, and smaller brands understand that messaging is a promising new way to keep existing and to attract new readers. So they run bots that represent another interface to the paper and are ready to send you relevant information or search the archives in response to the request.

For example, Business Insider News is a news media that presents the user with the latest financial, business and economic data and Analytics.

Forbesbot, respectively, gives access to materials edition of Forbes, mainly dedicated to business, Finance, stock markets, investment banking, technology and the related lifestyle. You can choose one of the thematic channels and twice a day to receive a selection of the latest articles. For Russian-speaking users have a localized version of Forbes Russia.

Всё, что вы хотели знать о финансовых ботах

Banking bots

Unlike mobile applications, giving the client quick access to money, the banking bots still quite limited set of features, and they mainly focused on Russian-speaking segment of users Telegram.

For example, Sberbank has help official bot helper— it is possible to ask about the current exchange rate or about the nearest ATM. The bot is available in English and Russian languages.

MoneyTalkBot Bank Tinkoff more advanced: it allows you to transfer money to friends or relatives from the comfort of Telegram. You just need to add a credit card, and then indicate how many rubles on which number to translate.

Всё, что вы хотели знать о финансовых ботах

Bots for wallet or bitcoin exchange

If you are using bitcoin — you also have a number of useful bots.BTC Banker allows you to send and receive bitcoin payments and exchange of virtual currency for rubles and dollars.

Service bots

It assistants, designed to facilitate routine operations. For example, Exchange Rates Bot shows real exchange rates for 165 currencies and their dynamics (according to Yahoo! Finance).

Financial bots can be useful helpers that extend our capabilities, but it is worth remembering that Telegram there are no official bots, so to use these programs, for example, to money transfers with caution.

In fact, you yourself can create a bot. With the help of EXANTE Market Data API , you can quickly and easily start developing your own bot: registration system does not require any additional confirmations, and data access is free. While working in API mode Tech Preview, but access is open to everyone.

Read more about how to create a financial bot, read the article “Financial Telegram-bot in 30 minutes with Market Data API“.

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