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Elon Musk is wrong: Why can’t work wear

“Work, damn it. I stick between 80 and 100 hours a week. Everything is simple: if others are working for 40 hours, and you 100, in four months you will do as much as they are for the year,” Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX

This is nonsense. Nonsense.

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All of us in the day of exactly 24 hours. We hold them a certain way and get certain results.So the time we do the same, and the results are obtained are different.

How so? Obviously, we use the time available. Billionaire spends his day not as it does the Manager lower-level curving network of the company. Both have 24 hours — and what different results are obtained.

So it’s not in working hours (and not the number of sweat)

If it were that easy, it would be possible to find “the most difficult” work, and then work on it until the fall. One could even find a second job. For example, day mine mine coal, and in the night to check the sewers. Sleep too to replace work — we’re talking about the price of success!

Okay, jokes aside. Logic is clearly flawed, right? No correlation between hard work and success does not exist.

90 hours at work, 10 hours with a girl: Time management Elon musk

Only one thing is important — the effectiveness of our actions. Otherwise why would people have invented a variety of tools to facilitate their work? It does not matter whether the heavy job you have, and how many hours you spend on it.

Here you need to make a reservation: Yes, indeed, there are situations when

the most effective thing you can do is to work more and harder — but only for a specific time period. You should not consider this a normal situation or is the measure of all things. In fact, the value is only efficiency.


Thus, the recipe is: work 24 hours a day.

Wait, something doesn’t add up. We criticized the work wear, and now recommend continuously to plow.

Ability to deal with paradoxes in life in General is very important.

The mentality of the employee

Let us define the concept of “work”. If you’re like most people, your parents probably worked from nine to five. To get paid, they had to go to work, and when they returned home, working for them came to an end. In the hours that they could do anything.

This so-called “employee mentality” and many of us subconsciously choose this path. But time is a universal commodity, and every minute of our day is the same as any other minute.

The mindset of an entrepreneur

Now let’s assume that you are a solo entrepreneur. You choose when to work — in fact, you can work on your business every minute. If, for example, for every hour spent on the work, you earn $50, this means that for every hour of “idleness” you lose $50 — economists call it opportunity cost. Thus, the viewing time of the TV also costs you $50.

If you understand this, you have the mindset of an entrepreneur. In fact, it is partly inherent to everyone, including salaried employees, but truly feel that only those who work for themselves. However, it happens that the entrepreneur makes a dogma — after all, if he can earn $50 every hour, which prevents him from working all the time? Someone will say that it is the balance between life and work, the other will answer that it is just low ambitions.

Therefore, self-employed people often overload themselves, calling it a commitment or saying that you need to work harder to achieve something. However, there are many people that are in the same position, but earning $100 per hour — and we’re back to efficiency.

The mentality of a purposeful man

But there is a third option. To illustrate, here is an example. Take the student named Jill. She is preparing for next week exam, but as an entrepreneur, she knows that at any time can also work.

But Jill is an effective student. Every day she studies a few hours and getting enough sleep. Tuesday, she was fully dedicated to the communication with friends and family and her classmate Bob made fun of her because she was so relaxed, he hadn’t slept at all the last two nights before the exam. In this case, the exam results Jill was much better. How did this happen?

Jill pronounced “mentality purposeful man”. She knows that this week she needs to prepare well for the exam. However, she realizes that she has to prepare the same time as Bob and still she takes to school only two hours a day and finds the time to sleep and rest. Bob (having the mindset of an entrepreneur) believes that needs only to study hard to succeed on the exam.

But Jill realizes that actually works round the clock and seven days a week. It is not just spending time with friends — a holiday as part of his course, he is also its goal. Jill also knows that if she will sleep, she will be more effective. It turns out that Bob believes in hard work, and Jill’s effectiveness.

To do less, get more

Илон Маск не прав: Почему нельзя работать на износ Talen de St. Croix/Unsplash

Assume that we have full control of their destiny and can choose both the purpose and means of achieving it. Let us imagine that we are playing the long game — the next 50 years we will be working on the same things now.

Then the question arises: how do we know that at any given moment do the right thing? How to understand what is important to achieve the goal — to see relatives or to go to the office? In other words, how to measure the effectiveness of our actions?

Flow and creativity

To accurately assess, we would need to evaluate the whole set of possible actions, taking into account information about each day for 50 years, and this is obviously impossible.

But, maybe we can something like that feel? The fact that the body and mind have superannuatio feedback system. Our nervous system not only tries to effectively process information, but also provides feedback of this information, and this feedback is felt as intuition.

12 reasons why successful people have five times more than you

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has studied the state of mind of the best specialists in various fields — in sport, the arts or business — and found that they are often other people fall into the so-called state of “flow”. This condition is characterized by the following features:

  1. Intense and focused concentration on the present moment;
  2. The merging of action and awareness;
  3. Loss of reflective self-consciousness;
  4. Sense of personal control and responsibility in respect of the situation or case;
  5. A distortion of temporal experience (time flies);
  6. The case itself is perceived as a reward.

In other words, Csikszentmihalyi found that the best experts have not made much effort to work — they all work as if by itself.

Remember yourself as a child. You could immerse yourself in a new game, forget about everything, and when it was over, was that you have mastered it. You were in a state of flux. And the same thing happens with the best athletes or businessmen — they turn their work into play. They do not experience resistance, they are not “doing”, they just live.

To be and not to do

Yes, we are faced with another paradox — to achieve the best result, you need to work less.

It is difficult to understand, because our entire culture is oriented to work as much as possible. Yes, sometimes you need the shock to work — for a short period of time. However, if to speak about long-term goals, the hard work is counter-productive — much more important than efficiency.

And, if you work too much, intuition will tell you. Typically, this situation is felt as stress or neurosis. Yes, we are unhappy but we have social mechanisms that promote anxiety. These mechanisms generated by neurosis, often to meet short-term needs at the expense of truly creative work.

So if you want to live a long and happy life, choose a job, so she brought you to the state of the flow, that’s all.

How to choose this work? Listen to your heart, it will tell you. The main thing — to strive to be and not to do.

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