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Криптоюань — новая китайская криптовалютаThe Internet has stirred up rumors that there’s a new cryptocurrency in China. Just And gun, the official of the Central Bank of China, said that China is creating a cryptocurrency and is almost ready for release in the interests of the government and billion people of China.

Cryptocurrency China close

The Manager’s approval NKB — Chinese people’s Bank, the future of the cryptocurrency of China will provide serious competition for Bitcoin and the project Facebook.

Moreover, Mu Changchun, Director of payments NKB said that the Chinese cryptocurrency bankrupt Bitcoin holders.

  • Information about the release date of cryptogamia, yet, no.
  • It is known that the Chinese coin will be not only the blockchain technology, but also innovative — to ensure the huge volumes of transactions.
  • The issue will be followed by the Central Bank and financial institutions.
  • The issue of the Chinese cryptocurrency, according to our log Mining-Bitcoin, able to give the market no less momentum than the project Facebook. Besides, Chinese officials do not have to agree with U.S. regulators start-up and operation procedure.

    Cryptowall and its global plans

    BTC, the first kriptonite, was released 10 years ago. During this time managed to fly, to fall and attract the attention of banking institutions, retailers and companies specializing in technology.

    In July, the state Bank of China on the official website published an infographic about the history of the emergence and development of Bitcoin explain how coin works, why is valued and growing.

    In addition, BTC was recognized as digital property.

  • Retail giant Walmart also announced its intention to produce its own criptonite, and some experts believe that Walmart can compete with Libra from Facebook.
  • Similar plans, the Central Bank of Sweden.
  • Now no doubt that the plans of China to cryptowall and largest private companies has forced regulators and the Central Bank of different countries to accelerate the implementation of the plans about their own cryptocurrency and to define its approach to the alternative economy.

    The NSC believes that under his supervision would be all private digital currency.

    Apparently, the implementation strategy of cryptogamia in China was born for a long time and this explains the suppression of Bitcoin and altcoins in China, closure of stock exchanges, the prohibition of supply of coins.

    In China only allowed mining and this business is very popular — here is to 50% of all mining companies in the world.

    What do you think, cryptowall will give the market a boost?

    Криптоюань — новая китайская криптовалюта

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