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The developers of cryptocurrency Tether plan to release a new stable coins tied to commodity prices. The idea of the synthetic dollar, pegged to the USD, was successful. Now in circulation are more than 4 billion USDT. Next project will be scriptactive based on a basket of gold, oil and rubber.

Cryptodira was created to allow investors to trade an analogue of pair BTC/USD exchanges, where no Fiats. The coin was adopted by most major sites. On the basis of its work the internal markets of cripture.

Around the synthetic dollar, since the advent of in 2014, flared up scandals that our log Mining Bitcoin at the time was covered. The latter, in the beginning of this year — after the loan of 700 million USD private branch Bitfinex.

In this case, the guide Tether has denied claims by the new York prosecution as prove full security of the bitcoin and real US dollar.

Updates and implements the exchange Binance. Platform launches two test network for testing the future of futures trading on the cryptocurrency.

Криптобизнес анонсирует обновления

  • Virtual platform called FutureA and FutureB.
  • Traders can make transactions on a demo account, then it is assumed a vote for the type of interface for futures.
  • To test participants planned bonus — 50% discount on the Commission.
  • The benefit will go to those investors, who will vote for the winning platform. In addition, customers testnet sites will receive prizes with a total amount of 10 thousand coins of the BNB, whose amount at the moment is 226,2 thousand dollars.

  • After check at the test site, traders will be allocated on 100 thousand virtual USDT on each version of the Futures A and B.
  • Then will come the stage of the competition, the winners will be the participants who have achieved the highest result on purchases and sales.
  • While on the test site available only BTC/USDT with a leverage of 1:20.
  • In addition to this plan, Binance is going to open a branch in the United States before November 2019. Trade for American citizens will open a little later, after receipt by the exchange Regulations.

    And also, recently, Binns acquired cryptomeria JEX, which develops derivatives for scriptactive — futures and options. The amount of this transaction were not disclosed.

    Rather you trade on Binns? Will participate in testing?

    Криптобизнес анонсирует обновления

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