Crypto news: The UN has found a link between the cryptocurrency and terrorism

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The head of the Department on cybercrime and money laundering the UN told how cryptocurrencies are used by terrorists for illegal purposes, and why the transaction you want to monitor.

Digital coins prevent against law enforcement and intelligence agencies with terrorism, money laundering and cybercrime. With this unequivocal statement was made by the head of the relevant branch of the UN. Neil Walsh noted that because of the anonymity bitcoin with Althingi provide the highest level of secrecy, which is exploited by criminals and terrorists.

ООН нашли связь между криптовалютами и терроризмомSource

The UN representative is concerned about the role of scriptaction in the industry of illegal trafficking. With the advent of digital assets operatives has become more difficult to track the ongoing transaction. He said that maximum attention should be directed to the cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, through which often laundered the money earned illegal way. Security protocols it does not hurt the average user and law-abiding citizens.

Neil Walsh added that recommendations for tighter regulation of the cryptocurrency market can help with the solution of problems of control over transactions. According to the updated conditions of the exchange and other companies must adhere to the rules to counter the financing of terrorism and money laundering criminals.

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