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In the edition of the New York Times published details about the development of a unique and long-awaited project Telegram Open Network, which is headed by Pavel Durov. Cryptocurrency should be out in the next 2 months. Information was confirmed by prospective investors of the project, but they retained anonymity. It is also assumed that the company will introduce users to the e-wallet available 200-300 million users of the popular Telegram messenger.

Павел Дуров о дате выпуска Telegram Open NetworkSource

Representatives of the company Telegram said earlier that their electronic currency on the blockchain Gram TON will allow you to conduct transactions all over the world. The company also noted that the management will be fully decentralized.

We last week published the news that some users have started to get rid of Gram tokens on the blockchain TON through the secondary market. From their assets began to get investors that took part in the closed phase ICO Telegram Open Network due to delays in the development of the new platform.

Original new blockchain from Pavel Durov was supposed to be launched at the end of last year, but the deadline was postponed several times. Also recall that if until the end of October 2019, the launch of the network will not occur, the company will be obliged to return all money to its investors.

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