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Crypto news: How to protect cryptocurrencies from theft

In the world of cryptocurrencies an important place has always held security, as the assets are digital and can be vulnerable to hacker attacks. Accordingly, protective measures must also be digital. Like physical wallets, which store the real banknotes, includes digital crypto coins its owner.

Как защитить криптовалюты от кражиSource

If in a physical wallet you can keep any currency, in one cryptocurrency can not be stored all the digital coins. Each purse has a certain set of tokens with which it is compatible. This means that when the transfer of assets to the wrong wallet, the sender loses the entire amount forever. There are five varieties cryptocell:

  • hardware;
  • web wallets Metamask, MyEtherWallet and the like;
  • mobile Bread, Coinomi, Jaxx, Mycelium;
  • table (external) – Exodus, Bitcoin Core, Atomic wallet;
  • paper (in fact it is a piece of paper with the printed address of the wallet and private key).

The contents

Tips for choosing purses

Choose a cryptocurrency wallet is necessary with all responsibility, considering a few key aspects that will affect its reliability and ease of use. In any case, special attention should be paid to security. Consider the following indicators:

  • The purse needs to be in the recommended list on the website of the cryptocurrency. In other words, the developers or project owners need to support it.
  • Should be two keys – public and private, and several options of access. It is also better to choose wallets with several levels of security.
  • Better to give preference to “cold” wallets. If the coins you use to trade on the stock exchange or for other purposes where a quick transaction can be kept through the entire capital, and its main part that is not used.
  • When you connect to a network, each of the cold wallet becomes a hot. Accordingly, it is better to choose wallets with the ability to change keys.

Other functions are matched to the requirements of each specific user. For example, investors and those who set up long-term growth rate, easier to keep the tokens on hardware or desktop wallets. Importantly, the computer was not connected to the Internet. Also you can never keep the capital on the cryptocurrency exchanges as they are the least reliable version of content assets (trading platforms are subject to hacking and subsequent theft of coins).

Methods of protection

Every online platform has risks because of the connection with a third party. If this cold wallets are not 100% safe. There are numerous viruses that reads information about the keys and sending them to third parties. Sometimes viruses don’t just open access to the passwords, but also installs software that uses the power of the computer for covert mining.

Как защитить криптовалюты от кражиSource

Not always antivirus programs cope with such malicious files, so the best protection is the autonomy and control over what you open and what sites download. Other options to protect cryptocell include:

  • Encryption. The wallet is protected with a password. The traditional version, giving the least strong protection. Full guarantee it are not able to give, as there are viruses to read keystrokes. Accordingly, each password can be cracked.
  • Backup. Data that is used for changes in transactions, stored in different places and the user is unavailable. It turns out a full backup of crypto.
  • Multipoles. This type of protection is optimal if the aim is to protect online wallet from breaking. Method involves signing a transaction with two people or a large number of users. Multipoles applied in the business environment, when one account belongs to two, three and more partners.
  • What to do if wallet is already hacked?

    If you happen to most unpleasant, and crypto will be hacked, have you not as much as I would like. If you signed in purse and noticed that the token on your account no and transaction history you see unknown addresses – these are signs of hacking.

    The essence of digital coins is that she has someone who knows the code of the wallet that she contains. In this regard, if the tokens are stolen, their return will not succeed. You can try to trace the wallet address, which got funds, but that no information you give.

    Как защитить криптовалюты от кражиSource

    You can notify the company that provided you with the crypto. It is not excluded that hackers hurt anybody else. You need to change the security settings of the wallet, the computer and the phone. Maybe their defense is vulnerable.

    If savings were kept on account of the cryptocurrency exchange, which was attacked by hackers, you will have minimal chance to receive compensation. In order to avoid such trouble try to protect your main wallet, and the exchange, do not store large amounts of digital assets.

    The recommendations of the professionals

    So, what needs to be done to protect cryptocurrency wallet with bitcoins or other digital coins? There are different ways that do not allow hackers to hack. The problem is that the cryptocurrency is anonymous and has a high level of encryption, but the device in the form of computer or phone vulnerable.

    Storing private keys offline

    No matter which gadget you are using and what network you are connected, your data will be compromised. The optimal solution for most problems related to identity theft, is the print key on paper.

    In this case, you will receive a paper wallet with a few printed keys. Some call this method a cold wallet, so how in fact the keys are stored so that they cannot be accessed through the network.

    Paper wallets is quite effective and personally verify this you can by choosing one of the following: bitcoinpaperwallet, bitaddress or walletgenerator.

    The key difference lies in the fact that due to the JS scripts are created by a unique address and the keys. This happens immediately on the computer without transferring data over the network. To make the formation of the maximally random key, some developers propose to arbitrarily drive the mouse on a specific field.

    Secure connection

    Internet connection plays a crucial role in the verification of crypto-currencies in my wallet and its transmission. Many public networks have limited security, as the encryption algorithm. Consequently, the purse is often connected to a network that is not safe.

    The first thing to remember is that in encrypted and reliable connection to the network is the key to success. Practice shows that you need to use office or private networks with a strong password.


    Many people underestimate the benefit of antivirus software, but it’s really important. After you install any bitcoin wallet or any other store for cryptocurrency, you must install a good antivirus and immediately update the database.

    Как защитить криптовалюты от кражиSource

    A cyber-attack directed to forward important information from the user’s computer to other resources. It is important to ensure that your computer is protected from viruses. It is important regularly update anti-virus software, which will minimize the risks associated with the emergence of new threats that old version of antivirus could not cope.

    A strong password

    If you use a web wallet, do it for a minimal transaction. Be sure to take care of a strong password and do not specify a pin, your date of birth and other such data as the password. You need to specify an alphanumeric combination that includes capital letters, a combination of registers, underscores, and other symbols. You can also use the password generator is the best option.

    Spam links

    Hacker attacks can be initiated at any time, including when the user navigates to a spam link. Substitution of the address on the fake is a very common technique that allows hackers to steal data in the network.

    You should know what is the real version of the website through which you spend the cryptocurrency transaction. So you are depriving the attackers of a chance to give you a fake version of the platform that the user will accept for the original.

    Do not send cryptocurrency assets well-known personalities such as John McAfee or Vitaly Buterin. The network has a single common divorce. Users in pursuit of X10, returning, trust the crooks and lose all their savings. Remember that the free cheese only in a mousetrap.

    To exchange, sale, purchase and other transactions with cryptocurrencies is only allowed on cryptocurrency exchanges. It is not necessary to send coins through unknown resources and to third parties, regardless of the excuse.

    Store your private keys

    The private key is your value. If you anyone will open, with your wallet, the attackers will be able to Transact on any other account. Store the private key in a safe place that will not reach the attackers.


    When the conversation concerns the protection of cryptocurrency assets, safety of the coins into the hands of the user. It is critical to observe all the above rules and guidelines. This will allow you to save your bitcoin wallet or any other storage from outside threats from hackers.

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