Crypto news: Found the miner botnet that hit 850 thousand computers

Experts from the French centre against digital crime C3N found and defused a miner-bot that was struck by 850 thousand of computers around the world. From malicious software affected PC in over a hundred countries on the planet.

It is known that the botnet was controlled in France. With it, attackers infected the users ‘ computers and started mining Monero cryptocurrency. Also with the help of the virus run programs to extortion and data theft. For example, with the help of criminals to obtain personal information of patients of medical clinics in Israel. According to preliminary calculations, the hackers have earned on your software millions of euros.

Найден майнер-ботнет, поразивший 850 тыс. компьютеровSource

The virus spread via e-mail, which proposed a quick and easy money. Also were sent letters erotic content and virus infected USB drives.

Jean-Dominique nollet, head of the company C3N, said that neutralizing the malware experts have created a replica server. With his help, managed to disable the virus program on the computers that were already infected.

It is difficult to understand for ordinary users, but 850 thousand infected computers – is a powerful network, which can bring down all web sites on the planet. Established in C3N server will work for another few weeks to kill the virus on the remaining computers.

It is noteworthy that information about malicious software infecting computers with Windows operating system, experts from C3N received from the antivirus Avast in the spring. The virus was given the name Retadup.

Lately the world is revealed and cleared more virus-miners. For example, in the early summer was found one botnet for mining of cryptocurrencies, which worked on ports utilities Android Debug Bridge (created for debugging of smartphones and other mobile devices).

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