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Bitcoin on the threshold of a new start

Биткоин на пороге нового стартаThe analysts of the stock market talking about the early stages of a new bullish cycle of Bitcoin. This happened after a successful test of 10.5 million US dollars. Experts have completely forgotten about the bearish target at 8 thousand dollars. The trader known on Twitter under the name PlanB commented on the conditions for Bitcoin:

Ready for take-off.

After analyzing the position of the minima/maxima relative to the 200-day mA, another popular trader Film Film reached a similar conclusion.

Meanwhile, altcoins chance of growth does not apply.

  • Ether, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, NEO, in fact, the entire TOP of the top 20 cryptocurrencies flattens.
  • Assets traded in a side corridor with an average daily change of 1%.
  • The dominance of Bitcoin is around 70.5 per cent and this is 2 year high.
  • With the opinion of the traders have the same opinion of analysts, who believe that investors began to pay more attention to the cryptocurrency. This contributes to the conflict of the PRC, the United States, and Brexit, which caused the weakening of the British currency, and the fluctuation of most of the world’s currencies, indices and funds.

    Thus, devaluation of the RMB against the U.S. dollar reached its lowest level in 11 years.

    Apparently, Bitcoin takes place in the plane of the assets havens, including gold, the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc. This fact confirms the growth of quotations of Bitcoin in a period of turbulence and falls Fiat markets.

    However, as found out our log Mining-Bitcoin, there were opposing views.

    For example, Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, believes that buying Bitcoin because of the growing tensions on the market, but this does not make bitcoin an asset, like gold, but in the game, mainly involved speculators, not investors.

    In addition, Peter believes that a market-based instrument capable of fall per day by 7% in principle cannot be a refuge.

    In contrast to the skeptics, the representatives of the traditional business show interest in cryptoamnesia. The Bank of Norway Sparebanken Ost has made a modest contribution to the local crypto currency exchange in the amount of 1.65 million USD due to rising demand for Bitcoin.

    The Bank bought 16.3% of the shares NBX platforms for transactions with cryptocurrencies.

    The company is based NBX Scandinavian airline Norwegian Air Shuttle plans to organize the storage capability, payments and other services on the basis of the blockchain. Target audience — existing customers of the airline.

    Do you interest business-structures to cryptoamnesia more confidence to the coin?

    Биткоин на пороге нового старта

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