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As the blockchain will take YouTube and Netflix market more

Tell how and which companies are fighting for transparency and social justice in the market of video content using new technologies.

The popularity of cable TV at the time was due to the large choice that it offered in comparison with essential. After Internet access became the norm, most users went online.

For those who have abandoned cable television in favor of YouTube or Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX), in USA there is even a special term: cord-cutters. It literally means “obrezanie wire”.

Today, about 70% of Internet traffic comes from various videos, and there is every reason to believe that this proportion will continue to grow. However, the existing mass of the solution is often criticized.

So, Netflix reduces the number of available for movies and TV series from third party producers and building up its own production, thereby effectively narrowing the choice to the users.

YouTube, another industry leader, offers centralized model of monetization, which the authors of clips with millions of views, receive only a tiny fraction of the advertising profits.

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In General, the entire market of video content belongs to just a few major players, each of which specializiruetsya in their field. YouTube mostly offers custom videos, Netflix movies and TV shows, Twitch broadcasts eSports events.

Such situation does not suit quite a few. Film producers lose huge profits because of the fact that Netflix removes to work with its platform. Popular videoblogger forced to carry they did not understand the requirements of the platform, which then takes most of their profits.

Following the market logic, this dissatisfaction gives rise to the creation of alternative solutions that offer a more fair and transparent conditions of cooperation.

Because of this, most of the creators of alternative solutions to implement in their work the blockchain technology that ensures the same transparency and social justice for all parties, while offering greater protection than any centralized solution.

The main feature of the blockchain, which attracts developers is the smart contracts. They provide flexibility in loading, viewing and monetization of video content. With this technology, all financial transactions pass through intermediaries, and distribution of content becomes easier and more efficient.

Centralized platform spend a lot of money on servers, and the same Netflix pays $ 1 billion per year for the storage of your content. Thanks to the blockchain, these costs are in the past.

In the end, there was several platforms, each of which intends to occupy a niche in the market of distribution of video content, sliding the same YouTube. Each of them in one way or another uses the blockchain.

So, VirtuTV allows content creators to receive a lump sum payment for viewing of their videos. Users, in turn, get tokens for watching adverts and mark invalid contents of the video. offers content creators to join communities and to create subscriptions and private channels to subscribers.

Как блокчейн отнимет у YouTube и Netflix рынок видеостриминга

MakeItViral uses a rating system whereby the most popular videos are in the top, and users can donate tokens to raise above their favourite video.

On Flixxo uses the BitTorrent Protocol, so that the tokens can be earned not only for regular viewing ads, but also for seeding the video, which they already have. In addition, content creators set the conditions for video viewing, that is, the number of tokens that the audience needs to be transferred for viewing

Although these and similar platforms have not yet grown to the scale of YouTube, their goal in the redistribution of the market in favor of decentralized decisions. The creators Flixxo, for example, are planning to lure to his popular YouTube bloggers who are unhappy with the monetization model, but have already gained a lot of subscribers.

How to get rich on YouTube

The ultimate goal of such solutions is the creation of a new social economy in which everybody gets a fair reward for their contribution to its existence. Such a model many believe the economic future of mankind.

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