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60 ways to earn more

Especially for those who don’t have a salary, and who have at least some free time.

1. Ask them to raise wages

This is the easiest and most obvious option. If you already have work, start with her. Write down all the arguments in its favor, and then submit them to the chief. No harm in trying.

2. Find a second job

If plan a doesn’t work, look for a second job in addition to main.

3. Do mirozdanija

Sign up for the service to find contractors (e.g., YouDo) and earn by doing small tasks.

4. Rent your car

You can always gain extra money by renting your car.

5. Engaged in manufacturing of handmade products

If you have a talent, start making jewelry, prints, draw fan art, etc. Then their work can be profitable to sell on the thematic areas.

6. Try a master repairman

Like to do repairs and restoration? Stock up on tools and open your services.

7. Arrange courier

Use your car, bike or scooter to deliver goods.

8. Become a mystery shopper

Mystery shoppers earn money, assessing the treatment of customers in restaurants and stores. Such a lot of vacancies even in the public domain.

9. Take part in medical research

Depending on the duration and nature of the research it is possible to earn several thousand dollars.

10. Join a focus group

Sometimes companies collect consumers in focus groups and get paid for surveys.

11. Sell old clothes

If your nearly new clothes just take up space in the closet (and such certainly is almost everyone), sell them.

12. Rent housing

Have a spare room or an unused garage? Give them to us. If you don’t mind guests, sign up on Airbnb.

13. One

Use Uber or Yandex.Taxi to earn some money as a cab driver.

14. Sell unwanted electronics

Get rid of unused TVs, game consoles, mobile phones and computers.

15. Put advertising on the car

Glue the car is and get a small Commission from the complaints of people.

16. Become a content Creator

Earn extra income as a freelance writer.

17. Become a consultant

Use your rich experience in your familiar area to advise companies and individuals.

18. Serve customers and provide them with phone support

Use the talent Manager to generate additional income. Many companies are happy to hire assistants part time working from home.

19. Keep an eye on your children

Earn taking care of children. Engage them, and will recommend you to others and invite again.

20. Open an investment account

The investors will help the beginners of Robo-advisors. The majority of these services allow you to start investing with just $20.

21. Write reviews about products

Get free samples and write about them detailed reviews and walkthroughs. In addition, in most cases the product remains with you.

22. Walk dogs

Walk dogs for money, you will also get a charge of vivacity for the fresh air.

23. Participate in contests

Use your talent as a writer, poet, artist, musician or chef to win the contest (there are often good cash prizes).

24. Review the rates for cable TV and Internet

Do you watch all these channels? Is it possible to save by going to the new provider or by combining several services into one? You don’t know until you ask.

25. Become a model

If you are able to stand for long in one position, you can try to work as a sitter. Find out whether there are vacancies in local colleges or universities.

26. Do some programming

Know how to write code? Hundreds of people and companies willing to pay you for your help in creating applications, websites or database management.

27. Become a translator

Help people speaking different languages to communicate and understand each other and get paid for it.

28. Learn how to repair computers

To configure and repair computers do not need a degree. Sometimes it is enough to pass the basic course.

29. Prepare tax reporting for friends and family members

Also, this service is to provide freelancers and small businesses. They will appreciate it.

30. Engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies

Get mining farm at home. It will require some initial investment, but over time everything will pay off.

31. Donate your equipment to others

Currently, computing power is in high demand and you can open remote access to my computer and graphics cards for researchers of AI, to which this power is needed.

32. Sell your game assets

Hardcore gamers will pay handsomely for points, characters and other game assets. Look for buyers on forums.

33. Activities blog

Create a blog with reviews, and then start to sell advertising space and/or earn commissions from clicks on affiliate links.

34. Sell your blog

If you already have a blog bringing in some income, think about selling it.

35. Do some work as a translator

Knowledge of several languages will help to make. Freelance translators are always in demand.

36. Publish e-book

To write a book for everyone. Publish your work on the Internet and find the audience you want to earn some money.

37. Help with filling out summary

If you have good writing skills or rich experience with the staff, help applicants to fill out resumes and write cover letters.

38. Become a YouTube star

Become a YouTube star and earn by advertising and selling goods with your brand.

39. Buy vending machine

Place it in the right place and you will be able to obtain a small steady income.

40. Get tutoring in person or online

Demand almost all the skills ranging from mathematics and languages to web design.

41. Take a photo

Buy a good camera and start doing some spectacular photos. Sign up at iStockPhoto (or other stock) and then upload them. So you will get a fee for every downloaded photo.

42. Travel on site

Earn using the plugin Serpclix, conducting web searches and visiting certain sites.

43. Become a researcher

Uploaded professionals in need of people who seek out information and answers. In other words, Google for the money.

44. Schedule meetings

You make a great party? Engaged in organizing various activities in their free time.

45. Edit and proofread documents

Help writers and business people, working part time editor and proofreader.

46. Trade domain names

Came in a interesting domain names? Next time will be inspired, register. Someone may well pay for it.

47. Delay delivery

Don’t waste your change. Instead, put it in a piggy Bank. For the year there’s gonna be a good amount.

48. Become a social media marketing Manager

Help small businesses manage their social media accounts. You can plan the content to edit photos and come up with interesting captions and headings.

49. Develop your profiles in social networks

Hidden marketing is very popular today, and companies are willing to pay for it even novice bloggers.

50. Become a notary

As a notary, you can charge for notarization and confirmation of various documents.

51. Help the disabled and elderly

If you love to help others, work as assistant of a disabled or elderly person.

52. Do you replace cracked screens

Learn to do it and can earn a lot of money on every replacement.

53. Do transcription of audio and video

If you are well versed human speech, practice oral translation of written information.

54. Work guide

Know the best eateries in town? Versed in local history? Many tourists no longer want traditional tours — they are interested in full immersion in a new culture.

55. Apply for a grant

Many people will pay a decent amount of experience writing grant applications and filling in the accompanying documentation.

56. Create an online course

All of the skills in demand. People will gladly pay you for information about how to lose weight, become soul of the company, or the miracle Baker.

57. Plan vacations for others

Many busy people are happy to pay someone for finding and booking the best hotels, travel and planning entertainment.

58. Take photo retouching

Most photographers (and professional integraserv) often do not have time to edit your photos. Become their assistant and take care of this work.

59. Create video for brands

If you have a good photograph, think about how to offer their services for a fee.

60. Do some voice acting

People with good voice and acting skills can deal with different voice clips. Just a minute recording to $15-30.

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