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6 hotels with the best service in the world

Most often a hotel room is reserved as a place exclusively for sleeping. However, some hotels barely noticeable the little things that make even sitting within the four walls unforgettable. Attentive staff, bellboy, always ready to help with heavy Luggage — not every place can boast such levels of comfort. To make your stay is as impressive as the surrounding beauty, journalists MarketWatch asked experts to draw up a list of establishments with the best service.

1. Singita Lodge, Serengeti, Tanzania

One of the best camps for travelers in the Serengeti. According to the travel agent Lisa Lindblad, the staff Does “exceptionally well” trained. Part of the proceeds of the institution is to protect the surrounding lands, which in turn supports the families of our employees. This mechanism “provides the hotel with a happy and energetic atmosphere.”

2. Sacher, Vienna, Austria

6 отелей с лучшим в мире сервисом

A travel agent Protravel Naked Natalie says: “I have brought tourists to this hotel. The level of service, speed of service and problem solving has always been first class. In addition, the Concierge for a good connection. One needed to take VIP guests in a private nightclub, and for a few moments, he organized invited.”

3. Adlon Kempinski, Berlin, Germany

6 отелей с лучшим в мире сервисом

This family-run hotel makes every effort to meet guests ‘ requests, says Naga. A few years ago she did not have cash to tip the bellboy. She later reformed, leaving him the envelope with the money before leaving the hotel. Naga says:

“Two years later, I again stayed at this hotel. When I exited the taxi, the bellboy picked up my Luggage, looked at me and said, “Thank you, Mrs Naked, for the tip that you gave me then left.” Like the participation I get from all the staff: exceptionally personal approach and a high level of attention to guests.”

4. Aria, Budapest, Hungary

6 отелей с лучшим в мире сервисом

Every detail of this hotel, from reception to the Spa, amazing, Naga said: “I really like the music Concierge. He not only responds to normal requests, but recommends music.”

Free iPad available hundreds of songs, and the music Concierge is well versed in many genres. “It gives the hotel a special flair,” says Naga.

5. Villa Feltrinelli, Gargnano, Italy

6 отелей с лучшим в мире сервисом

Caring staff and the magnificent Venetian interiors deduce Villa Feltrinelli at the top of the list Lindblad. She says:

“The staff is well trained, calm, adhere to the classical style and care for their guests. They are similar to personal servants of a private European castle. It’s just amazing.”

6. Amanemu, ISE-Shima, Japan

6 отелей с лучшим в мире сервисом

Amanemu the hotel is located near the Shinto Shrine of ISE-Jingu Shrine. Its main gem — the unique expression of the Japanese tradition of Onsen bathing. Like other Asian network of high-end hotels, Aman — company-owner and operator Amanemu can afford “to choose a staff of people who were brought up according to traditional Eastern values such as respect for other cultures, the care, kindness, courtesy and professionalism. The result exceeds all expectations,” says Lindblad.

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