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4 promising blockchain project, which will be launched before the end of the year

Dan Marched, head of the investment firm Pantera Capital, said, what promising blockchain projects are preparing to launch before the end of the year and what happens to the stock market.

All these four projects are of great importance for kriptonyte as solve the actual problems of scalability, interoperability and decentralized marketplace.

1. Polkadot

Polkadot platform, developed the Web3 Foundation in 2016 and is focused on ensuring compatibility of different blockchains. Over time, the blockchain industry is becoming more diverse, so it is important to ensure the interaction of the individual strands.

2. BloXroute

BloXroute is a solution for scaling the zero level on the basis of networks for content distribution.

Origin — the Protocol to create a decentralized marketplace without the involvement of intermediaries on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain.

4. Filecoin

Filecoin is a decentralized marketplace for file storage. Filecoin is developed in 2015, so we are very happy to witness the launch of this project, writes Merged.

The launch of these projects will increase the liquidity of investments in ICO Pantera Capital and will help the development of the blockchain infrastructure as a whole.

It is worth noting that the ICO that were popular in the years 2017-2018, gave way to the IEO, which may be more established and optimized alternative. In 2018 the share of ICO-campaigns accounted for 98% collected on tokentalk funds, whereas in 2019, their share fell to 18%.

Marched also notes that in the ‘ 80s traditional assets such as bonds, currencies and commodities, showed a very low correlation with each other. Things began to change as soon as investors began to learn about the benefits of diversification, which led to confusion of they collect portfolios. Merged writes:

“Bond investors held only bonds. Equity investors didn’t know anything about the foreign exchange market. The people who sold fuel sold fuel only, and so on. With the development of modern portfolio theory, everyone started to want to have a diversified portfolio. Ironically, this led to the fact that all the hands were absolutely identical portfolios. If you manage to find the asset integrated annual growth rate of which over eight years is 235%, while it shows no correlation with anything else, you should buy some amount of it”.

Marched focuses on the fact that in the past three years, bitcoin is almost not correlated with stock markets, what makes bitcoin unique asset.

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