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15 problems which can be resolved by artificial intelligence

The experts at Forbes have named 15 of the social problems which can be resolved by artificial intelligence (AI).

1. The wildlife conservation

Artificial intelligence could track the animals and analyze large amounts of data. Thus it will be possible to understand which habitats need the most protection.

2. Epidemic

Technologies facilitate the collection of large datasets which allow to build models that can significantly increase the likelihood of survival and enhance the quality of medical care.

3. Interpersonal conflicts

When there comes a time when criticism turns into a war? AI trained to effectively solve this problem, especially in the online environment. The technology alerts the people when it can occur “communication failure” and conflict.

4. The forecasting of natural disasters

Corporations such as Google, are already oriented for the AI to warn people, for example, about the floods. The technology identifies areas of risk and warns the residents of these areas.

5. Discrimination

Discrimination in employment remains an acute problem throughout the world. AI helps to neutralize the bias of the people and contribute to the diversity of workers and their integration in the company. For this technology at the moment of personnel selection generates a set of candidates that meet certain requirements of the employer.

6. Bullying and insults on the Internet

The AI bots already doing what find online bullying, hate speech and other expressions of aggression. They remove such comments and in future will be able to fully prevent such publication.

7. Translation

Fundamental knowledge that are vitally important for health and public safety, will be able to spread much faster when people have access to them regardless of the language.

8. Agriculture

AI is widely used in the industry — from sensors that monitor the health of individual cows in the herd, to robots, gathering fruit. The world population continues to grow, and therefore the AI needs to help professionals to grow a more affordable and clean food.

9. Clean energy

AI helps to provide clean energy solutions in cities and villages. The algorithm can provide solutions that would otherwise not be used.

10. Personalized medical care

AI is also used in the development of more effective drugs for targeted treatment. It allows physicians to practice personalized medicine by providing better care at lower system costs.

11. Factchecking

In the era of fake news is the line between facts and fiction is erased. Algorithms capable of finding fake content on the Internet.

12. Mental health

By monitoring the social behavior of man, which led him to mental problems, the AI can build a model that will be used to prevent such problems.

13. Hunger

AI is able to determine the optimal amount of food that you need to order or buy order in the trash can less than products.

14. Management of densely populated urban areas

Every aspect of municipal management — services, transit infrastructure, urban planning, economic development, emergency, entertainment and recreation — requires an understanding of human activity and patterns of movement in cities. AI that collects data from large networks “Internet of things”, can provide a prediction of and appropriate solutions for cities.

15. Education

AI is able to individually select educational content based on the needs and characteristics of the person. The algorithm provides personalized suggestions for topics and areas should focus to achieve the best results. AI can be as effective as possible in creating smart cities and environmental initiatives.

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