What is the news put pressure on the exchange rate EOS

By Friday EOS remains in a narrow sideways trading channel. Key trades are about $3,3.

Day timeframe cryptocurrency EOS shows a continued downward trend, but with slower pace, says Dmitry Gurkovsky, senior analyst at RoboForex. If you look at the prospect of further reduction, it must be noted that one of the key objectives of downward momentum will be at least $1,55. But so far, a convergence on MACD should not exclude the possibility of a pullback to the resistance level of $3.8, or even higher.

1-hour chart EOS illustrates the beginning of a new wave of growth in the framework of formation of correctional corridor after a pulse of decline. After a “Golden cross” on the Stochastic prices began the rise to the resistance line and $3.5. Support is at $3,16.

Какие новости давят на курс EOS

During the past summer the capitalization of EOS decreased by $ 4 billion. Subsided and the volume of trading within the day. Users were dissatisfied with the technical parameters of the network, for which developers exposed to serious criticism.

After ANChain published in the summer of the study that about 75% of all transactions in the network dApps EOS bots are made, the coin began to lose value. Investors are not happy the conclusions, which showed that about 51% of unique accounts in the network belonged to Botham. In fact, operations by 6 billion dollars every day made bots.

The EOS ecosystem of dApps, according to ANChain has many weak points in the structure. Separately noted that due to the lack of transaction fees, the network can be subject to frequent spam attacks.

In a further blow to EOS was the statement by Larry Sanger about the fact that the EOS is controlled by a group of persons and has nothing to do with a decentralized network. Users of the crypto world, most of all appreciate the privacy and security of, negatively reacted to this information.

Now EOS is rating Coinmarketcap on the eighth line is the most stable from the point of view of capitalization of cryptocurrencies.

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Author: Vitalik

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