Crypto news: Transaction $1 billion seen in the Bitcoin network

Транзакция на $1 млрд. замечена в сети Bitcoin

Early on the morning of 6 September, the Bitcoin blockchain has undergone a major transaction on 94 504 BTC, which is about $ 1 billion. The transfer fee is about $ 700. This information appeared in Twitter, the company Whale Alert and comments began to make assumptions that a given payment transaction may be associated with the launch of the project Bakkt.

Analyst Musa Shamaev believes that this amount includes deposits for wallets Bakkt, while others put forward the version that it is connected with the setting up of the new platform. Recall that today on the platform Bakkt should appear in the store for customers who will be able to place digital assets and to prepare for the launch of futures.

In the second half of the month will be bitcoin futures from Bakkt. Company the stock exchange operator ICE from new York received all the necessary permits from the Department of financial services of the state.

Under the post on Twitter, there were other assumptions, who owns such a large transaction. For example, one user noted that the translation could have made Craig Wright, to find lost keys. This Australian in court in Florida on the weekend was convicted of mastering bitcoin, created in conjunction with partner Dave Kleiman. Wright claimed that access to digital assets, which he acquired by mining in the period from 2009 to 2013, it does not. However, he needs to return about $ 4 billion to relatives of the deceased partner.

Alex Krieger, a well-known analyst, also drew attention to the fact that at the same time on a few large purses that are not associated with stock exchanges, was recorded the movement of large sums of BTC. He noted that regardless of the identity of the sender, this is a good sign. Large transaction should have a positive impact on the rate of the main digital coins.

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Author: Vitalik

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