Bitmain has placed an order for 600 000 7-nm chips for mining

Mining giant Bitmain Technologies has placed an order for the purchase of 600,000 chips for cryptocurrency mining.

An unnamed “officer of the supply chain, close to TSMC”, announced the order at the end of this week. According to the publication, in order includes party 7-nm chips hasraton 50 TX/s Based on can see chips it is expected that the total capacity of the hash Bitmain will grow by about 50% after six months if they will be used for their own farms.

The new chips also can bring Bitmain profit of $1.2 billion, and the company’s value could reach approximately $12 billion. In the beginning of the month it was reported that Bitmain losses for the first quarter of 2019 amounted to $310 million in may, the information appeared that the private power Bitmain, in the Bitcoin mining has decreased in 7 times in a month.

In March it became known that investors Bitmain preparing a class action in respect of a failed IPO of the company, the terms of which were repeatedly postponed. After the expiration of the application for the IPO Bitmain said that “the attempt of the IPO has made the company more transparent” and that in the future the firm will renew attempts listing on the HKEx.

Author: Vitalik

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