5 lessons for the weekend that will make you more productive

The output is a great reason to relax. However, I might do something useful. Instead of spending free time watching TV with a beer, take a few minutes to prepare for a productive week.

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Spending precious little time to clean the mail, you will be able to start a new work week light.

Billionaire and head of Tesla Elon Musk wakes up at seven in the morning. Barely opening his eyes, he was half an hour responding to “critical writing”. The Council, which could give you with this notorious entrepreneur — prioritize so as not to waste time.

“Focused on what’s important, ignore distractions. Do not waste time on something that will not bring results,” — says Musk.

If cleaning in the mailbox seems a daunting task, listen to the expert advice on creating comfort in the workplace Leah stringer. It does not allow chaos due to the fact that, if possible, writes fewer letters — and when he writes, he does so quickly and satisfactorily.

“If at stake is important, complex or open-ended question, it might be better to call on the phone,” advises stringer. — “Many people believe that faster to write, but correspondence may be delayed, and your job too.”

Get a diary

Diaries win the Internet space, it’s a great way to raise your productivity. Posts in Instagram with the appropriate hashtag are numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Diary is “analog system” to “track the past, organize the present and planning for the future”, says the expert Ryder Carroll. It is possible to make to-do lists, make sketches and keep a diary or do it all at once.

Output — the time to choose a notebook, colorful pens and begin to fill the calendar. Try it, it may turn your world upside down.

“A diary helps to relieve the mind, the most reliable way,” says Carroll. — “Everyone of us should be taking him”.

Take the time to practice

What successful businessmen do at leisure? Sports. The billionaire founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson says that regularly wakes up at five in the morning to have the opportunity to practice.

“Early rise and charge give me a huge advantage — thanks to them I can start the day efficiently,” says Branson in the blog.

CEO of Facebook mark Zuckerberg also emphasizes the value of physical training. He once said, “in order to do the work, you need energy,” and noted that the energy increases significantly if you devote time to physical exercise.

In the category of questions and answers on Facebook 2015 Zuckerberg told about his training in detail. “I exercise at least three times a week, usually early in the morning. I also try to walk the dog — it’s all fun, given that my dog is running around like a MOP”.

Getaway from the usual work — it’s time to work on yourself in the gym, the Park or on the carpet. Sport helps to prepare for the upcoming work week physically and mentally.

Cook your food in advance

If you cook at home, and for the week ahead, it will help you save a lot of money. For restaurants and delivery can be ruined.

Instead of the whole weekly budget down for food, use your day off to cook several dishes for a week, be it some exotic desserts or just chicken with rice.


Don’t forget a bit of pampering in the output. If you start it with, that will get rid of unnecessary stress, it will lift your mood and a good mood — the key to a productive week. Make time for enjoyable and leisurely activity, whether it be a bubble bath, reading a favorite book or a walk.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner stressed the importance of “lack of plans” in his post on LinkedIn.

“In my free time you can make Grand plans, read the latest news, to get rid of a mountain of unread emails, or just to get some fresh air,” writes Weiner. — “Whatever you do, just give this time to yourself — daily and systematically. Do not throw to the wind these rare moments of idleness. Free time is the best investment in yourself and the most important tool for increasing productivity”.

Many successful leaders, including Oprah Winfrey and Arianna Huffington also practice meditation, which studies show may help alleviate anxiety, depression and pain.

“The outside world is constantly trying to convince you that something is always missing,” wrote Winfrey in the blog. “But it’s not. Meditation will help you not to get caught on the hook.”

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Author: Vitalik

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