Crypto news: Strikes whether Ethereum the mark of $1000

Grow the Ethereum rate of the dollar to the level to the level of $1000 and when will it happen? The other day Nick Patel, a well-known investor and author of the popular book “Guide to allcoin traders” added an interesting post on his Twitter. He asked users whether they believe in the appreciation of the ether to 1000 dollars, and created a small survey.

The survey involved nearly 5.5 thousand people, many of whom answered in the affirmative. 54% of users believe that the exchange rate will rise ETH DOA 1000 USD, while 34% disagree with this development. The remaining respondents were neutral.

Recall that the historical maximum rate Ethereum was recorded in January 2018, when the price of a token has exceeded $1400. From the moment the coin fell by more than 85% but many users of the cryptocurrency community does not lose faith in the digital asset.

In the beginning of 2018 the analyst and investor Tom Lee expressed their predictions about the growth of air up to 1900 dollars for a token to the end of this year. Co-founder of Ethereum stated that the coin will triple in price. As shown, both failed, and the course of Ethereum during the transition to the new 2019 was only $ 160.

To date, quotes ETH be 210 dollars. During the week the exchange rate of the broadcast has dropped from 230 to 203 USD but for the last three days strengthened slightly. Many expected this increase after the weekend Ethereum will reach the support level. At a certain moment “bears” tried to break this record, but demand exceeded supply at a given price, so the price is ETH bounced back up.

Пробьет ли эфириум отметку в $1000

At the moment trade week is still not justified. Need for some time, carefully observe the dynamics ETH – USD subject to the market, to understand the real strength of the coin. At the moment, traders are advised to maintain a neutral position.

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Author: Vitalik

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